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Through our travels and expeditions, we are more than ever convinced that nature is a perfect teacher. When travelling through pristine wilderness, over high mountains or on rough seas, you immediately feel humble, a state of mind we tend to loose in this 21first high-tech century where we think we can conquer anything !

Being outdoors, you appreciate your shelter, food and water, and you appreciate more than ever true friendship. One learns when to travel and when to stay put and listen to the teachings of the weather elements. One doesn't ‘conquer’ a mountain; the mountain lets one walk on it.

Through our INUKSUK website we want to share with you our adventures and respect for mother Earth. We invite you to use your 5 senses and start to witness what nature can provide you: a never ending teaching book. Happy trails, Bert & Kiki


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expeditionsOver the years we have done many adventurous trips and expeditions, mostly in Canada and in Europe.

We have enjoyed the privilige to stay with some of the Canadian First Nations such as the Atikamekw, Anishnabe and Huron and with Mongolian nomadic families. 

Without any doubt our lives have been influenced and changed by them. We have gained even more respect for Mother Earth and have learned the true value of friendship! Everyday we try to take a small step towards a more natural and ecological balanced way of life.

Within this section of the site we are pleased to share our experiences on the trail with you.

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